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Cookie policy

Reis Atelier SRL, based in Bucuresti, Sector 4, Str. Visana 7B, registration number J40/6648/2021, UIN 42213918, applies the following cookie policy:

What are cookies?
Cookie files are automatically generated files, which are kept until you leave the site, or are automatically saved in your device (computer, phone, tablet).
These help to remember your preferences and login data, to track your navigation, to remember your language preferences and to interact with the site, to add products to the basket, to measure the performance of the site, to tools such as Google Analytics, plug-in social media, etc.
Withdrawal of consent
You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at any time, either by blocking them from the browser settings or by using dedicated software.

The cookie files used on our websites
Our websites use several types of cookies:
a. Absolutely necessary files - which are imperative for the proper functioning of the site
b. Functionality files - which recognize your options and preferences when you return to the site
c. Files with an analytical and performance role - which allow us to monitor traffic values ​​and user behavior on the site, for its improvement
d. Files with a role in marketing and targeting - which record your visit and allow us to offer you advertisements relevant to your personal interests and preferences.
e. Social network files - which allow you to share your activity on social networks
f. Other types of cookies - which could be used later, which come from third-party applications

You can contact us using the contact details in the dedicated section of the website.

Last update: 25 Octombrie 2022