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The world we live in is moving increasingly faster.

It is easier now than in the time of our parents to change jobs, cities or countries. Today it is easier to make acquaintances anywhere in the world, real or virtual, but it is increasingly difficult to make friends and keep in touch with the origins. In the digital environment information abounds, we have a multitude of choices to make, from a vacation plan to professional training.


What to choose? What will this bring me in the future? Where can I be happy? What do I want to become?

Meaning is not found by chance, meaning is built.

Meaning is education, culture, creativity. Sharing means experience shared with love.

We are a small team, we and our collaborators, people with experience in complementary fields, who share the same values and desire to build existential meaning. We search within ourselves and everything around us for physical and mental balance, harmony, beauty and creativity. We believe that these things can only be achieved through a relevant education. Information is what is found on the internet or in books. Science or know-how is the experience of the specialist who shares it with others to bring them good. Learning is all about interaction, connectivity, play and enjoyment. Learning is a journey into oneself.


Laura Cupsa

Laura Cupsa

I started the ROST platform wanting to open this horizon in Romania and work with people from home.

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Augustin Cupsa

Augustin Cupsa

We created the ROST project as a community of meaning, where we can dialogue, develop our potential and, of course, find our purpose.

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